Monday, November 16, 2009

Fun evening with O

For some reason Olivia was extra fun tonight. She was making noises and laughing at everything. We had a friend over (Carol Ann) and she was sitting across the table from her eating dinner. There was a pitcher of water between them and Olivia kept stretching from her high chair and peeking around the pitcher of water at Carol Ann. And she laughed and laughed.

The first two pictures were before the evening bath and the others are her playing on her changing table after the bath. The pictures are worth a 1000 words. She is SO happy. And so much fun. She is the best little girl.

Olivia turned 9 months on Nov. 9th. She has been such a blessing. I keep telling Shelly that I wish we would of done this years ago. It is so much fun and incredible. It is truly beyond explanation. I could never put it into words for some one else to understand. Having children is truly a true blessing from God.