Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Life with Olivia

Olivia is doing really funny things these days. Besides saying words like crazy, she is experimenting with all kinds of noises with her mouth...gurgling sounds, pretending to sneeze, and fake snoring. She is cracking us up on a regular basis!

She has also fallen completely head over heels in love...with 2 stuffed animals! She loves the book "Brown Bear" (I highly recommend the book, too!) and has named a large teddy bear that Juan gave me for a birthday years ago "Brown Bear." After reading the book about 1,000 times, she learned to say "Brown Bear" and in fact, the other day we were in Costco and they had giant stuffed bears. Like about 5 feet tall stuffed bears. Olivia saw them across the way and yelled out (in her tiny 18-month old yelling voice), "Brown Bear!!!" It was so stinkin' sweet.

The other stuffed animal she's fallen in love with is a stuffed Elmo, and she actually fell in love with Elmo (the character) before she even got the stuffed animal. About a week ago, Juan taught her to say Elmo, and it just stuck. Some days, it seems like every other word out of her mouth is "Elmo." Today, our friends brought by a stuffed Elmo and she was giddy with excitement. In fact, as I'm writing this, she's asleep in her crib...with Elmo by her side.

We continue to cherish every day we have with Olivia. She brings us such joy.