Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Sorrow Shared

Many of you know that in my paying job (as opposed to my non-paying, but *favorite* job of being a mom), I work in a book shop. So it was in the context of my book shop job that I was looking at a list of recommended books today, and I came across a book entitled A Sorrow Shared. I didn't really even look at the book in too much detail, but I was intrigued by its name.

When thinking about those words, I really resonated with their meaning, and I couldn't stop thinking about our experience of losing Baby Hope this year. I kept thinking of all the friends and family who have traveled this road with us, listening to us when we needed to "verbally process," supporting us during the hard times, bringing us meals, and just asking how we were even when you didn't know what to say. It was in all these ways and so many others that you shared our sorrow. And by sharing our sorrow, you have carried some of our burden. I don't know how we could have done this without you. Our gratefulness goes beyond our words, as I don't think our words could adequately express what you have meant to us on this journey.

Thank you for sharing our sorrow. Your kindness will always be remembered.