Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Long Overdue Post

Ok so I started this post but never finished here it is and I'll start a new one today! (is that weird?)

I'm not sure if there's many people out there that read my blog (except my mom - thanks Mom!), but just in case...I've got some long overdue news.

We're pregnant!!!

And when I say long overdue, I mean really long overdue. As in I'm in my third trimester and our due date is September 22. It hasn't been a secret for a long time in any sense, but it's just that I haven't made my way over here to blogspot to do a post. Until now.

We are SUPER excited about being pregnant, going through the childbirth experience again, and most of all having a new baby BOY. And Olivia is really excited to be a big sister.

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